Богоматерь Гора Нерукосечная

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Number: 1

Code: 10

Depicted sitting on a throne in a three-quarter turn to the right. Dressed in a red-brown matori, a cap and a coat of bluish-gray color. Mafori decorated with symbols: moon, sun, tree, ladder, door, spear, Kyoto, rod, mount with explanatory notes. On the left hand of the virgin, the infant Jesus with a benedictory gesture of the right hand and an open scroll in his left hand. The right hand of our lady at the breast. The garment of Christ is decorated with gold assist. Halos ornamented. The bench under the feet of our lady of silver. To the right and to the left of our lady of the two burning candles. In the top right corner angel with guns passions. The background of gold (almost lost).

Creation year: 16 century.

Size: 88х64 (sm)

Technique: Живопись темперная, Золочение

Theme collections: Иконы

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