• In July 1969 the estate was reconstructed after the fire.
    In 1985 they renovated the Hunter’s House.
  • The Village of Gorki is the only place visited by Vladimir Lenin in Yaroslavl Region.
    Here in the Soviet times young pioneers made an oath to be faithful to Lenin’s cause.
  • In 1920 they opened one of the first power plants in Gorki.
  • The children of the neighboring collective farm took part in field works
    and were taught to work for the good of their motherland.

Ganshins’ Estate history

In 1880, the Yuriev merchant of the first Guild, the owner of manufactories Alexander Alekseevich Ganshin purchased for the family a manor on the Bank of the Shakhi river, winding between the hills of the klinsko-Dmitrov ridge in the Vladimir province. The estate, formerly owned by the Whig nobles, stood on a bright hill, surrounded by a Park, a little away from the poor village of Gorki in 23 peasant huts. Located 7 kilometers from the railway station, the estate was not only a beautiful dacha, but also a crossroads for transporting goods from Yuriev-Polsky to Moscow and Yaroslavl.

Being a liberal, merchant Ganshin gave his sons an education. His son Alexey brilliantly graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of technology. In 1895, he was arrested for revolutionary activities. As a member of the "group of technologists", A. A. Ganshin met V. I. Ulyanov and organized an illegal publication of the young Lenin's book "what are the" friends of the people " and how do they fight against the social Democrats?" In this regard, in the summer of 1894, Vladimir Ilyich came to Ganshin for a few days.

On July 18, 1920, at the initiative of A. A. ganshin, the first village power plant in Pereslavl County was opened on the shakha river, equipped with a mill at the expense of peasants.

In the 20s of the XX century, the family left the estate, moving to live at the place of work of the head of the family in Moscow. In December 1927, the main house of the estate burned down. Earlier, in 1922, the Hunting Lodge was taken away from it. In 1960, in honor of the 90th anniversary of the birth of the leader of the revolution, workers of the Pereslavl factory "Red echo" installed a memorial plaque on the site of the burned-down house of the Ganshins. In 1969, the house was restored and the Lenin Museum was opened in it. Then it was a Museum of one of Lenin's books. In 1985, the Hunting Lodge was restored. The next step was to recreate the mill on the Shah river...

The fate of the country affected the fate of the Museum. In 1991, the Museum was temporarily closed: the building of the main house required extensive repairs, and the exhibits were worn out and outdated. In 1994, the Museum, having updated the exposition, started working again. Its content has become more specific; Lenin's theme (the printing of the young Lenin's book in Gorki, his visit to the Ganshins) is revealed against the background of the life of the Pereslavl peasants of that period.

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Ganshins’ Museum Estate

Visitors can admire the architectural ensemble of the estate, take a walk in its old park, stand under the oak tree which is more than 200 years old. Museum workers share stories about the history of the estate, life of Ganshins’ family and Vladimir Lenin visiting the estate. The reason for his comi... Read more...

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